Resilience is an ability

img_1912Resilience, what does that mean? Well resilience means that if something or someone throws something tough at you, you bounce back up and don’t stop youself from archiving

Today all the year fives did a dance at assembly. We did the danced to one of David Guetta’s songs featuring Sia  called Titanium. This song was the right song to dance to for resilience because the line like “Shoot me down, but I won’t fall.” Sounds like someone getting told he/she can’t do it but the person is still going to try to achieve it.

I have shown resilience when one of my friends and I tried to do a trick together. But one of our other friends said we wouldn’t be able to do it.


This week we learnt about persistence.
We learnt about what obstacles there can be and how to get through them. We did a charade where we had an obstacle and in my group our obstacle was that someone didn’t have their book for an assignment.


Fresh new term 3 Goals

A long term goal is when you do it for a year or two. A short term goal is to do something for a term, weeks and months in steps.

My Maths goal is to order decimals and unit fractions and locate them on a number line. I will do this by going home and getting my Mum to write some decimals or fractions and I will put them on a number line every Friday night. I will also check maths online and find some.
My learning behaviour goal it to when I go on Mathsonline or Times table me I will put it in my diary. I will do this by going on one of those websites then write the evidence in my diary.

My English goal is to improve on my writing and become a better writer. I will do this by asking Ms Westerman to give me a sheet for writing and do it for homework for that night.




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