What am I curious about climate change?

Although cows are amazing animals they’re making our climate change. Ceri is a meteorologist and climatologist, today she came and talked to us about climate change. She came to tell us about climate change so we can learn more about climate change.

What I learnt from this presentation is that humans are the main cause to Co2. Also 97% scientists believe that climate change is real and the other 3% are normally paid by gas stations or don’t study climatology. I also learnt that glaziers are melting into water. Cyclones are becoming more violent but not as often and rain is getting heavier in the eastern parts of Australia. What surprised me was the whole in the ozone layer is slowly shrinking.



This picture shows what climate change effects.

Under the sea

Under the sea, under the sea. Under the sea is my science presentation title. You’re probably asking why I chose the title under the sea. Well I chose it because my text was about what the ground is like at the bottom of the ocean

The science expo is when all of the year 5 classes in the school search about one main topic then write an explanation text about it. We did it so we understand a bit more about a living and breathing objects or non-living and breathing objects. All of this was presented on Wednesday the 7th of September in our year 5 classrooms.

My highlight was all of my finished and ready to show the visitors on the Tuesday. My lowlight making my model because it was hard to make it out of concrete so it was all running and it was hard to make volcanoes and trenches because it was a seabed. Next time I think I should do the model a bit earlier than I did but I think my time that I put in it went really well.


Press this picture and one of the websites I used will come up in a new page

This is my model

This is my model

Citizen mayhem

Citizenship! Is very important, what stood out to me most is that you have to become an Australian citizen to live in Australia with out getting kicked out. If you are from a different country and get married to someone who is an Australian citizen then you are automatically an Australian citizen.


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