Buff’s New Brother

Your probably wondering why the title of this post is called Buff’s New Brother. Well it’s because that’s what my picture story book is called. I made a picture story book for my 2017 prep buddy. We went through lots of work to first write the text then paste the text on, draw and colour the pictures and then getting it ready for our 2017 prep buddies.

What I liked about this project was drawing the pictures and writing the text. Next time what I would do differently was making sure the text was in the right places and trying to draw quicker.

Dog On Log

“Dog On Log” is a picture story book about Dog, Frog, Hog, Cat and Rat. Dog and Frog were getting ready for Cat’s birthday. But when Dog and Cat were walking across the log. The log started to tumble and it tumbled into the bog and they got muddy.

I think the theme in this is to take care of your friends.



This is the picture of the front cover.


Penguin prep

If it goes to fast just pause it.

Week 4 Term 4


Week 3 Term 4



Wow Week 2 Term 4


Term 4 week 1 learning


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