Diggers Diary

This week we made a letter and pretend we went to war.

Gallipoli Oak Presentation

On the 24th of April we had a Gallipoli Oak ceremony where we planted a tree and had a few visitors from the RSL. We held it in our gym. To plant the Gallipoli Oak we had the visitors from the RSL our school leaders and our principal to help. We had the Gallipoli Oak tree because it was the 100th year since WW1 started. I felt really lucky and I could not understand what the RSL visitors were saying. We were one of 300 schools to have a Gallipoli Oak tree planted.

Week 2 term 2 maths

This week in maths we did angles, triangles and protractor maths.

In angles we learnt how to use a protractor properly and made some angles in our maths book. We learnt the angles, there is a obtuse angle which is greater than 90o, a acute angle which is smaller than 90o and a right angle that is exactly 90o.

In triangles we learnt that there is three types of triangles. An isoceles , equilateral and a scalene. I didn’t know that every angle in a triangle adds up to 180o. In protractor work there is three steps. First you put the dot on the corner. Secondly you measure it and finally you check what the angle is.



Week 1 Term 2

This week is our first week of term two.
We have done in Maths triangles and angles. We learnt the 3 times tables and I also learnt how to use a protractor. I didn’t know how to use a protractor and what it was. In Maths when we did the protector Maths we had to find out the angles and find out what angles they were.
We have also done some work about World War 1. I didn’t know that in Gisborne there was a man who’s dad went to World war 1. We have read 3 books and they were called Meet the ANZAC’s, Gallipoli and An ANZAC tale. The ANZAC’s left Australia in 1914 and got to Gallipoli at April the 25th




Our Lighthouse Challenge

20150327-122549.jpg image On Thursday the 19th we made a lighthouse out of newspaper like we were building a real one the lighthouse. The lighthouse had to survive the wind test like it was a thunder storm and if it fell then it didn’t pass. Most of the lighthouses passed and got up to the fourth step where the teacher moves the fan.
In my group I had Sophie, Alana, Nora and I. In our group we always made mistakes but somebody in the group would help work it out when we were building the lighthouse.
The lighthouse that we built passed the wind test but the teacher moved it and it crashed onto the floor.

Year 4 camp reflection

image image

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