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Fresh new term 3 Goals

A long term goal is when you do it for a year or two. A short term goal is to do something for a term, weeks and months in steps.

My Maths goal is to order decimals and unit fractions and locate them on a number line. I will do this by going home and getting my Mum to write some decimals or fractions and I will put them on a number line every Friday night. I will also check maths online and find some.
My learning behaviour goal it to when I go on Mathsonline or Times table me I will put it in my diary. I will do this by going on one of those websites then write the evidence in my diary.

My English goal is to improve on my writing and become a better writer. I will do this by asking Ms Westerman to give me a sheet for writing and do it for homework for that night.


House Colour day


Kitchen garden term two

This term we have made five recipes.

Super Subtraction Strategies

The past two weeks we have been doing subtraction.
Number lines, algorithms with regrouping,I learnt that the biggest number always go’s on top, space invaders, making zero, subtraction and addition are family, check subtraction by adding and take away ten add one.
My new learning is to always count on when I’m doing number lines.

Kitchen garden term 1

This term we have made five recipes.








Maths week 7

This week in Maths we have worked on subtraction.
In subtraction we had to do number lines, regrouping and jumping strategies. For the number lines we had to take away a number and we had to find the best jumping strategies. For subtraction we went on a website called maths online and did three-seven digit numbers and we also had to do five sums in take away.
Regroup is when you are doing a subtraction sum if you had three thousand take away two thousand and six hundred then for the hundreds you can’t take away six from zero you have to get a hundred and then it becomes three thousand and ten hundred so you take away six from ten then it becomes four hundred.


The Biggest Morning Tea


My learning goals


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