Our amazing magnificent Earth

This term we were learning about our amazing Earth and the final product came out. We did a wondering where we find out about a topic.

Penguin prep

If it goes to fast just pause it.

Hip hip hooray for keyboard open day

Today we had a keyboard open day.
These were the two songs I was playing.



Garlic Investigation. No tasting

Week 4 Term 4


Fun Run Bun



Today we had a Fun Run. A Fun Run is where you run around the school and when you finish the lap you get a dot or a line. The class with the most runs/dots and lines, wins a class party. My last score was 8 and I bet my score by 1.


This week we learnt about persistence.
We learnt about what obstacles there can be and how to get through them. We did a charade where we had an obstacle and in my group our obstacle was that someone didn’t have their book for an assignment.


Ready for Remembrance Day


Yesterday was Remembrance Day. We made Poppy’s and found out why it was on the 11th day at the 11th hour on the 11th month.
I found out that it is on that day because that’s when Germany signed an agreement that they were going to stop the war. WW1 was called after The Great War because they thought it was never going to happen again.

Poppy’s are the Remembrance flower and represents all of the blood.
The other symbol is a song called The Last Post, it represents all of the people that died. In the first day over 30,000 people died.

My Fascinating Starlab reflection

Today the years fives and fours got to see something called Starlab it was in a big black dome and we found out really fascinating things.

The things that I learnt were that we have leap years because the Earth spins around the Sun, when it’s done it lands a quarter from a year and when it spins around again it ends up two quarters and when it spins around the two more times, it ends up being one day less the just add another day and it becomes a leap year.

We also learn’t about how the Moon was formed, it was formed because the old Earth use to be connected to the Moon. Then some planet called Thea crashed into it, it made the Moon and the made the Earth tilt 23 degrees.

I also learn’t that you can only see one side of the Moon the other side is the dark side.

Walk to school in October


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