The Olympics are in 57 days

How are the original Olympic Games different to the modern ones? It’s different because now we have more modern stuff that we can use. Also some of the sports have changed.

How did we get the modern forms of the games? We got the modern form because it started to get dangerous.

How would it be different? It would now be different because only men competed and were used for slaves. It would also be only Greek men.

I didn’t know that chess was that old!

If it goes to fast then just pause it.

My power paper plane presentation

My tips for NAPLAN

Read more then the text
Read again
Get a picture on my head
Make a connection
Read around the word
Read question again
Eliminate answers
Compare to the text
Make an intelligent guess
Read ALL the question
Highlight keywords
Think about place value
Eliminate answer
Write and draw on the sheet
Rewrite vertically
Stop, think, check

Practise makes perfect

In the last couple of weeks we have been practising for NAPLAN. The things that we practised were maths, persuasive writing and reading.I felt a bit uncomfortable about some of the reading questions.

I’ve noticed that I wasn’t very good at answering inferring questions.

In the next week there are three things I can do is
1. Ask my Mum to write down a question and I will answer it.
2. When we are on improve next then I will look at the sentences more closely.
3. I could also ask a question about the book I’m reading and ask why.
I will continue to do this every day.

Huffy and puffy cross country

imageHearing sounds of people cheering and clapping after                    finishing the 3km run. It was done. Huffing and puffing I walked to my drink bottle meanwhile feeling stiff, tired and thrilled.

Citizen mayhem

Citizenship! Is very important, what stood out to me most is that you have to become an Australian citizen to live in Australia with out getting kicked out. If you are from a different country and get married to someone who is an Australian citizen then you are automatically an Australian citizen.


Practise my persuasive piece

What have I done in persuasive writing? Well we have been doing persuasive writing.
Persuasive writing is quite hard and I thought it was easy but I was wrong! I never new that you would normally put your strongest opinion first.
Practise makes perfect but mines not perfect because my sizzling start is not as good as it can be.

Blogging 101

If you want to blog like a pro there are five steps and you’ll be a pro in no time.
1. A catchy title will for sure get the readers hooked in, like Blogging 101.
2. If that doesn’t also add an amazing start, sizzling start.
3. Make sure most of your posts include pictures or a video that relate to the post.

4. Make sure that your text on your blog is correct and is making sense and the reader is interested.
5. Use tags, tags make it easier to find a post.
Good luck!

Noooooooooo! The last kitchen garden

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