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Sovereign Hill

Hi guys,
Later in the year we go to camp a Sovereign Hill and we have to right a letter. We chose what our parents were going to be and the boat we were going on. Here are the photos and where they come from.



Keeping up with my quality blog comment

Mini Mini Mikaylah

Wow that picture looks exactly like me. This is my Blog avatar (a.k.a mini mini Mikaylah). This look-a-like was made by using a website called portrait avatar maker here is the website. http://avatarmaker.abi-station.com/index_en.shtml

I chose to hold a guitar because I love love love to play instruments (mostly keyboard) and I chose a book because I love to read.

Learning the rules of thirds 101

Your probably wondering what I’m going to talk about this time. Well today I’m going to talk about the rules of thirds. The rules of thirds are photos that have points of interests in the intersections of the photo.

Like it’s Dynamite

Cause I told you once, now I told you twice we gon’ light it up like it’s dynamite. If you’re wondering why I’m singing this is because last night I had my school concert. You’ve probably guessed that my grade did Dynamite by Taio Cruz.

For this concert we had to put a lot of effort into it. First we picked a song, before we ended up doing Dynamite we were going to do lean on/thunderstruck but it didn’t work out but our teacher came up with doing Dynamite from just dance. Next it was choreography, what we just did was copy the moves and when it got to the part that said put your hands in the air we went into a semi-circle and did tricks (Sophie, Charlize, Sabine, Amy, Madi, Amelia, Fintan, Jarrod and I). We practised one hour every Wednesday until last night.

Last night going into the concert I felt excited and not nervous at all because I do dancing out of school. During the dance I felt proud of the whole grade because we were able to do the main part of the dance. After I felt sad because I liked the dance and it was the last time performing it.

Buff’s New Brother

Your probably wondering why the title of this post is called Buff’s New Brother. Well it’s because that’s what my picture story book is called. I made a picture story book for my 2017 prep buddy. We went through lots of work to first write the text then paste the text on, draw and colour the pictures and then getting it ready for our 2017 prep buddies.

What I liked about this project was drawing the pictures and writing the text. Next time what I would do differently was making sure the text was in the right places and trying to draw quicker.

What am I curious about climate change?

Although cows are amazing animals they’re making our climate change. Ceri is a meteorologist and climatologist, today she came and talked to us about climate change. She came to tell us about climate change so we can learn more about climate change.

What I learnt from this presentation is that humans are the main cause to Co2. Also 97% scientists believe that climate change is real and the other 3% are normally paid by gas stations or don’t study climatology. I also learnt that glaziers are melting into water. Cyclones are becoming more violent but not as often and rain is getting heavier in the eastern parts of Australia. What surprised me was the whole in the ozone layer is slowly shrinking.



This picture shows what climate change effects.

Resilience is an ability

img_1912Resilience, what does that mean? Well resilience means that if something or someone throws something tough at you, you bounce back up and don’t stop youself from archiving

Today all the year fives did a dance at assembly. We did the danced to one of David Guetta’s songs featuring Sia  called Titanium. This song was the right song to dance to for resilience because the line like “Shoot me down, but I won’t fall.” Sounds like someone getting told he/she can’t do it but the person is still going to try to achieve it.

I have shown resilience when one of my friends and I tried to do a trick together. But one of our other friends said we wouldn’t be able to do it.

Dog On Log

“Dog On Log” is a picture story book about Dog, Frog, Hog, Cat and Rat. Dog and Frog were getting ready for Cat’s birthday. But when Dog and Cat were walking across the log. The log started to tumble and it tumbled into the bog and they got muddy.

I think the theme in this is to take care of your friends.



This is the picture of the front cover.


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