The Night They Stormed Eureka

Today we finished a book called The Night They Stormed Eureka.

Here is the front cover and my predictions at the start.

Here is the character map.

Here is the page with the comparisons from 1850s to 2017.

Here is our vocab page.
A question that I was left asking was what ended up happening to Sam’s Mum and Step Dad?


This term we get to read a picture story book of our choice to the preps. Here is the book I chose.

Today we videoed ourself and set a goal. I decided that my goal should be being more focused when I’m reading.

ANZAC Day poem



This term we are learning about Australian Federation. Like before subject we had to do a pre test.


Wreckless Water Queens

Pause it if it goes to fast.

Sovereign Hill

Hi guys,
Later in the year we go to camp a Sovereign Hill and we have to right a letter. We chose what our parents were going to be and the boat we were going on. Here are the photos and where they come from.



Keeping up with my quality blog comment

Mini Mini Mikaylah

Wow that picture looks exactly like me. This is my Blog avatar (a.k.a mini mini Mikaylah). This look-a-like was made by using a website called portrait avatar maker here is the website.

I chose to hold a guitar because I love love love to play instruments (mostly keyboard) and I chose a book because I love to read.

Learning the rules of thirds 101

Your probably wondering what I’m going to talk about this time. Well today I’m going to talk about the rules of thirds. The rules of thirds are photos that have points of interests in the intersections of the photo.

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