All about me

Hello it’s amazing, magnificent Mikaylah. I have decided to put up some facts about me.

1. This is my third year on this blog.

2. I have never been camping but really want to go soon.

3. I love playing instruments, dancing and singing.

4. I also love to play netball for Possums and Giants (only starting to play for Giants).

5. My favourite show ever is Fullhouse.

6. I have gone to America once.

7. I have a record of getting hit in the face with a ball in netball in 2016 (7-10 times).

8. I have 2 King Charles spaniels called Oscar and Pokey.

9. My favourite Disney movie is The Lion King.

10. My favourite colours are lavender purple and misty green.

11. My opposite gender name is Michael.

12. I do not like chocolate or nuts.

13. When I grow up I want to work with Pets.

14. I am very quiet in class but once you get to know me I’m very loud.

15. I love rollarcoasters.

16. I live in the state of Victoria.

This year I’m very excited to participate in the student blogging challenge.

Well I’m basically finished I can’t think of anything else so I will ‘x it’, bye y’all.

Feel free to comment to ask more about me.

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