Zoos are thrill seekers for young kids. That is only one of the reasons why zoos are essential. Lots of people around the world have different beliefs. Here are my 3 reasons why Zoos are essential.

Firstly Zoos like the Werribee Zoo is opened ranged so all the animals can run around instead of being in cages.

Secondly Zoos these days are making the number of endangered animals lower. This is good because of the food chain. Imagine if you were a shark and all that you ate were extinct. Who would die?

Thirdly have you seen those pandas enclosures. Geez I would want to be a panda to. As you can see these animals don’t always have boring enclosures some have playground so it can be more fun and exercise.

Surely these 3 reasons why Zoos are essential makes you come to your sense. 1 animals aren’t always in cages, 2 the endangered animal list is getting lower and not all enclosures are boring. I hope that these 3 reasons make you think Zoos are essential.