‘Ding’ that’s my light bulb telling me to tell you what meaning for readings are. Literal, inferential and personal reading what are they? Your probably asking well I’m going to tell you. This week our reading Intension was to explain the 3 types of ‘meaning for reading.’ The 3 different meaning for reading allows you to answer different questions.

The first I’ll tell you about is called literal. Literal is when you use the evidence in the text that you’re reading to answer a question or answering anything else relative to the text. Literally.

Now I’m going to explain the one that is called Inferential. When you hear this word your probably thinking of infer. Infer is the bass word for inferential so it’s basically the same, using clues or hints in the text. Then connecting them all together to come up with an answer by looking at the hints and clues.

Last one and personally I think your gonna like this one. This one is called personal. In personal reading you normally use experience to answer a question, like something you have smelt, felt, touched, heard and maybe even seen.