Dear Future/older self Mikaylah,

As you probably know we had a student led conference, if you remember. I need to tell you, you need to look back at this but you will know if you’re looking back at this because your looking at it. Clear, okay. At my presentation I shared my proudest pieces or something I thought I had improved in. The presentation was presented in front of our year 5 teachers and Mum.

You would think the same thing because your me, so you would agree with me. I thought I did really well with.
Maths-explaining a page in my book and showing Mum the published piece.
Literacy-telling a very short side of my writers notebook piece and the story.
Inquiry-explaining what a thinkers key was.
If you don’t agree with me then you’re not me.

I know we’re amazing but there’s still things that silly us didn’t do that we need to improve in.
Stumbling on words.
Making sure I have everything out.
They’re the only thing cause we’re super.

From past/younger self Mikaylah.