These past few weeks we have been writing a yarn about our Australian endeavours character. Here is my yarn in writing.

“Not only was I looking after my kids, I also had to look after the store my own store. Eliza Perrin is my name, the other day I started running my own store. Yes a women running a store in the gold rush. I didn’t know what to expect I thought that it was going to go down in the dump straight away. But seeing people walk in and out made it a blast of fun but it was quite weird. Most people sounded a bit different, I saw people from different country’s, lots of the diggers though. But the good thing about the store is lots of diggers came lots of them, I had a sense I was going to make a load of it but that’s just a childish dream. But even if I was or wasn’t I was as bright as the sunshine, especially when the doors first opened.”